Sherrod Ford Transit Conversion Vans
for sale in Plant City, FL

Ford Transit Sherrod

For a swanky take on transportation, you can’t miss the Sherrod Ford Transit. Sherrod takes your commercial passenger van and transforms it into a cushier, more luxurious way to meet higher standards. Inside, you’ll find a standard LED television, swiveling second-row seats, and a power-reclining rear sofa. And that’s just for starters. Let’s take a look at all the ways Sherrod can customize your Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

Who needs the Sherrod Ford Transit?

Sherrod Transit Interior

The Ford Transit passenger wagon is a full-size commercial van that offers roomy, comfortable seating. But Sherrod’s upscale package transforms the Ford Transit into something truly special, treating you and your passengers to custom style. With a Sherrod Ford Transit, then, you’ll enjoy both space and luxury, making this van perfect for companies who want to treat their clients to a very upscale cruise.

These vans feature stylish finishes, with unique exterior trim and painted bumpers. Exclusive Sherrod exterior badging lets you know exactly where your van gets its stylish good looks. Sherrod dresses up your Ford Transit with everyday extravagances, from tinted rear and sliding doors to a tone-on-tone interior with wood trim.

Which features come with the Sherrod Ford Transit?

One of the biggest draws of these Sherrod vans is that they can be customized according to which features you want to add! The standard package creates a very luxurious interior, but you can also add a range of extra features for an increasingly posh drive.

The Sherrod Ford Transit package upgrades your everyday enjoyment, with a very impressive list of upgrades:

  • Heated and cooled seats
  • Matching seat covers
  • Swiveling, sliding mid-row seats
  • Overhead storage cabinets
  • Table with pole
  • Non-slip, full-length running boards
  • 32-inch LED hi-def TV with optical disc player and wireless headphones
  • Pleated privacy shades
  • Dual power-recline rear sofa
  • Six LED reading lights with individual controls

And you can customize your Sherrod Ford Transit even further, with available optional features:

  • Built-in navigation
  • Game control center
  • Wi-fi router
  • Streaming video upgrade for the standard TV
  • Premium speaker package
  • Six-way power-adjustable mid-row seats with removable tables
  • Genuine maple wood floors
  • Ambient LED interior lighting

How can I upgrade my Ford Transit with a Sherrod package?

At Jarrett Scott Ford, we can help you create the perfect Ford Transit for your needs, and that includes outfitting it with Sherrod’s exclusive upgrades. Give our friendly team a call and we’ll set you on the proper course of action!